Mycotonics Mushroom Extracts are made by GroCycle, a pioneering social enterprise based in Devon, UK.

We have been growing gourmet & medicinal mushrooms since 2009 - a long time before they became as popular as they are today!

If you'd like to see where the mushrooms in your extract are grown, then come and walk around inside our 3D video farm tour .

Alongside our top quality mushroom extracts, we also help thousands of people each year learn how to grow mushrooms - both through our mushroom growing kits, and an online course & community of mushroom growers, based in more than 100 countries around the world.

We also have a popular Youtube Channel , and have written hundreds of free articles about mushrooms which you can find here .


When it comes to herbal medicine, you don't want to mess around with cheap imported powders from China.

MycoTonics Extracts are produced in small batches here in the UK. We grow a range of medicinal mushrooms in climate controlled rooms at our farm in Devon. The mushrooms are picked at the ideal time, gently dehydrated, and then extracted in our lab using a slow process to draw out all the beneficial compounds. All our extracts are:

    • UK made
    • 100% certified organic
    • Only pure fruiting bodies used (no grain or bulking agents)
    • 1:3 High strength concentration
    • Dual extraction process for full spectrum of beneficial compounds
    • Produced in small batches at our farm in Devon by people who care

High Quality Mushroom Extracts

Organically grown and carefully extracted in Devon, UK